Its hard to get started doing something, especially if the task is hard. We tend to procrastinate tackling the issue. Then after we do finally get started its hard not to loose our momentum.

Our thoughts can compel us to action and motivate us to engage and act. Usually we know what we should be doing and yet it doesn’t always motivate us to do it.

Sometimes our motivation is driven by a deadline. We seem to procrastinate doing those things that are routine, unpleasant and mundane.

Fun, easy things are tackled first. We are happy to enjoy the fruits of our labors, but are slow to start the labor required that results in the fruit that labor produces.

Momentum is directly related to mass and velocity. Basically how big an object is and how fast it is moving. Thus when a big unpleasant task is before us it is harder to get it to move. It takes more velocity or speed to tackle that object.

Effort to start moving in that positive direction requires action on our part. With really unpleasant tasks that action might require all of our energy to create the force necessary to generate velocity and see results.

The law of motion says once an object is in motion it tends to stay in motion. The opposite is also true. If an object is at rest it will stay at rest until acted upon.

Action resulting from effort requires force. Once that action is in motion it is easier to keep it in motion. Our motivation is the same way. We just need motivation to start that action to make progress to keep our momentum.

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