Status Quo

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

The existing order of things are what we consider the status quo.

Our current reality can be smooth sailing or could include rough waters. At first glance the surroundings can look beautiful, and we overlook the rocky cliffs.

The current could be moving quickly. The water could have rapids and rocks, with many bends and curves.

The trees are pretty, but maybe only certain trees can grow in a particular soil and survive. Mountains ae beautiful but when we try to climb them, they are rocky and hard to ascend.

Sometimes the status quo takes more effort than first observed at first glance.

We all have different aspects to our lives. There is an emotional and spiritual aspect. We also have a physical and social aspect. We could excel in one and struggle in another.

The goal would be to strike a balance between them all, so we take care of each.

This is a balancing act. Sometimes keeping that balance and working on those four areas requires hard work just to keep the status quo.

I want to acknowledge the hard work required to maintain the status quo and make that a goal.

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