Kennedy Seagrave

Headless Nameless 771364 Class A FD uniform (1) copybwKennedy Seagrave is a retired Battalion Chief of the Fire Service with over 26 years experience in a metro fire department.  She and her husband, also a retired Battalion Chief, co-own a business, which uses interactive management to train in better emergency management command and control.  Kennedy has Associate Degrees in Fire Science and Business Administration and both a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  She was a member of one of the first Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)  teams from its inception.  She was Captain of Fire Investigations and a Board Certified Investigator.  She was also the Chief of a Regional Fire and EMS Training Center.  She attained both the Chief Fire Officers (CFO) from the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) and the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) designation from the National Fire Academy.