Take it

I tend to make safe thought out decisions based on facts. Sometimes all the factors we need to make the best decision are not known.

Having a plan usually generates better results. Plans are essential when trying to achieve a specific goal.

After we meet the requirements of where to live and how to make a living to meet our needs we can make bigger plans.

When there is stability we do not always have to have a specific plan, but can live more in the moment to see what opportunities present themselves.

There is something freeing about being secure enough to see where life takes you. It takes a certain amount of practice through life experiences to recognize the promptings in those quiet moments.

If we are too busy or life is too noisy we may miss these opportunities.

Look for opportunities to have these types of experiences. Enjoy the journey and look for the lessons it teaches you. When life presents you with a spontaneous opportunity, take it.

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