We are either ascending to a new journey or goal or coasting and potentially becoming stagnant and not progressing.

The things that should continue to progress are our family relationships, friendships and careers. These are things that we should want to cultivate to make them a priority and actively improve.

When we don’t make these things a priority those relationships can suffer. Without continuing to learn we can not progress and excel in our occupations.

Ascending is to increase and to lead upward. Certainly we want to increase our happiness and livelihood and want to have relationships that are uplifting.

If we were to try and ascend a mountain it would take effort. Mountains are steep and there is an incline during the climb. The terrain is uneven. The temperatures fluctuate and are colder at the top. All are challenges that can deter us, but they also help us grow.

There is satisfaction about reaching the top. The views are spectacular, but can’t be accessed without the effort to summit the mountain.

The ascent is hard, but our tolerance and endurance increase during the climb. We reach certain heights beyond our normal capacity.

The challenge of the ascent is what makes the summit more rewarding.

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  1. WOW…what a way to look at this life we’ve been given. Yes you have to strive for things that do not come easily. Good thing to read on a Monday morning!

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