Thoughts determine Actions

What we spend our time thinking about determines what we do and focus our time on.

If you focus on negative thoughts you will probably take little to no action and do non-productive activities.

If you want positive things and success you should spend your time thinking and doing those things to achieve productive results.

Who we spend our time with is a reflection of the type of people we will emulate.

Where we spend our time can influence how we feel and think and eventually what we choose to do.

There is no time like the present to check our thoughts. We can choose to change the way we view things, even in difficult situations.

Sometimes we can’t change situations but we can choose how we respond to them. How we think affects how we feel.

We can be in difficult situations and still find something to be happy and grateful for.

Thinking we are rich won’t necessarily make us wealthy, but we can be rich in family relationships. We can be rich in love. We might not live in a mansion but we can feel secure in a stable home we can afford.

If wealth is something we deem important we can change our thinking to include extra effort without complaint to try and achieve that wealth.

What we think determines what we do which ultimately determines what we become.

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