Equitable or Fair?

Not everything that is equitable is fair and not everything that is fair is equitable. Equity is impartial. Fair abides by rules and standards.

We all have perceptions of what is fair based on accepted rules. Sometimes those rules aren’t impartial and affect certain people differently, so while things appear fair they aren’t equitable.

The concepts seem interchangeable and yet not everything is both fair and equitable to everyone. People outside those parameters still feel some things are unfair and inequitable.

We try and implement rules to maintain fairness, but we still fall short on equality.

I think there is a moral obligation to police ourselves to fill this gap.

Some of us get complacent, because we assume since there are rules in place that everything will automatically be equitable.

Those facing inequality are usually the ones identifying the unfairness.

Sometimes a new rule can fix the inequality, but the result seems unfair to others.

I am trying to identify my own deficiencies in being equitable and fair in my dealings with others. It made me realize others probably have the same gaps.

A simple example is how we treat our children. Sometimes things don’t seem fair to one child, but based on each Childs abilities, a strictly applied rule may end up creating inequality.

I challenge you to assess if your dealings with others are both fair and equitable.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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