What is Normal?

We are finally starting to see things open and get back to somewhat of a normal existence. Some things may never be as they were and in some cases that will be a good thing.

As in all things we should embrace the good and put the bad behind us.

Some of the health precautions are good and maybe should have already been in place. I look forward to seeing faces and smiles again though. We take for granted those simple things like smiles until they are taken away.

A lot of businesses are realizing that they can cut overhead by having people work from home virtually. In some cases productivity is higher. There is no longer a need for building space, electricity or WIFI. Those costs for business is cut. It does create problems for those who own business property.

Childcare expenses for employees are done away with and parents are able to spend more time with their children. They can be there to put them on buses if they are in person learning. They can also be more involved with their childrens education if they are home doing virtual learning.

Circumstances allowed for excluding those who weren’t good for us in a natural way. The situation of isolation also made us appreciate those we love and care about even more, because we weren’t able to see them. Absence definitely made our hearts grow fonder or yonder.

I think it is worth taking the time to assess what we want to let back in our lives. We were so busy before. Are all those soccer games and extra activities necessary or should we prioritize to keep balance in our lives?

We talk about the new normal. Each of us will have to determine what that normal is.

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