Anniversaries are normally celebrations of an event. Our birthdays are celebrations of getting another year older and hopefully wiser. We can have work or wedding anniversaries. They celebrate milestones.

We just had the anniversary of being restricted because of Covid-19 to attend public events, church or even gather with our families for the holidays.. I didn’t hear much celebration over being restricted in our activities, other than to recognize it had been a year.

We could celebrate family and friends who are still with us. Having a job or income is something to celebrate. If a small business survived its something to celebrate. If we managed to keep our homes even if unemployed we should celebrate.

Being healthy and happy is something to celebrate. Being mentally strong after isolation or surviving emotional abuse the last year is something to rejoice in.

Having the extra time to spend at home to get our homes in order or do home projects is a bonus. We had extra time to cultivate a talent or new skill.

We had less distractions and more time to reflect on the things that matter most to us. Our hearts were softened and gave us opportunities to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

There was more time to communicate on a simple but deeper level.

It really was the anniversary of self growth through challenges and self discovery.

An anniversary and celebration of not only surviving but thriving.

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