There is a cost for freedom. Many gave the ultimate price of their lives for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Not only did they sacrifice their lives for us, but for others who were stripped of their freedoms and lacked the ability to defend themselves.

There is always a cost for what we want. If you want an education you have to take the time to study and learn. If you seek a particular job you have to train for it. Promotions don’t come without a cost. You have to do some hard work and acquire higher education and training.

Relationships require work to maintain whether they be personal, professional or friendships. Any relationship requires both to contribute to the maintenance of the relationship. If one is doing all the work to maintain, or expecting to just receive instead of give, it more than likely won’t last or be worth the cost to maintain.

So we all have to evaluate the things we want and decide if the cost is worth having whatever it is we seek.

Rarely are we asked to give our actual lives for the things we want. It is especially impressive to me that some sacrificed their lives for others they didn’t even know. It was for the principle of freedom, fairness and equality for all.

Their sacred sacrifice makes me realize how very little I am required to give for those things I want. It also makes me evaluate if those things are really worth the cost.

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