Implementing Change

So there has been a lot of experimenting trying to find new ways to accomplish things under our current circumstances.

There has also been a lot of trail and error.

Sometimes I have had to move forward in faith without a clear understanding of where I was going. If you know what I’m talking about, it means trying something only to realize that’s not what you should be doing, but you get a clear picture of what you really should be doing.

I’ve thought something was what I wanted. Then it didn’t work out, but I also know it was good to have tried.

Sometimes I think it is an exercise to experience something just so we don’t always wonder what could have been. I think there is value in that. Especially if we have always thought we wanted a certain thing, and that if we acquired that thing it would bring us the happiness we sought.

There is no shame in trying. In fact lots of people don’t attempt some things for fear of failure. Those failures are valuable. They are lessons and experience we gain in no other way. We also find out that some things we chase don’t really bring us the happiness we thought they would.

Those failures give us the information we need to get us on the right track. They are the instruments that help us implement the changes we should be making.

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