Change of Plans

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We are a month into the new year. We could have already failed to achieve some of our goals or stick to our plans to achieve them.

So now its time to re-evaluate our goals or what is causing us to fail. Maybe our expectations were unrealistic or the way we planned to achieve the goal isn’t working.

Life requires corrections when things don’t work out. We should find a path that is mindful of others and has the possibility of getting us where we want to go.

Setbacks and obstacles are to be expected. We can’t always control the environment or choices people make that are a part of the process.

Most worthwhile endeavors require work and even an uphill climb. We all require course correction at times.

Evaluate whether the effort is worth the desired result or whether we should change our focus.

I’ve sometimes found myself on unexpected adventures while traveling towards another destination.

Be ready and willing to take the journey and be able to be flexible enough to change your plans.

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