So here we are, at a place where we make goals and plans for the new year.

What are your plans? Are current world conditions changing some of your plans?

I’ve decided to make plans based on what I can control in our current situation. There are many things we are prevented from doing, but there are also many things we can still do.

If you haven’t already done some home improvements the coming year may be the time to start, if you are still financially able.

If you are looking for a new job, maybe consider a job field you haven’t considered before. I know when I was graduating high school I had several ideas, none of which I actually ended up doing initially. Now I have the opportunity to reconsider those initial plans.

Make plans and goals with your immediate family you live with. It might be as simple as painting a room. You could learn a new skill. YouTube videos are helpful to learn how to do almost anything.

Plan to focus on the positive and those worthwhile things you can still do. Plan to have a good attitude about it. Plan to be successful. Plan to learn something from the experience.

Plan to do good things with your time. Plan physical, mental and spiritual goals.

Plan to be kind. Plan to help others. Plan to not let fear stop you from doing these things. Plan to find ways to accomplish these goals in a safe manner.

Plan to be happy. Plan to find peace. Plan to foster hope. Plan to succeed. Plan for the future.

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