Hopefully we can all look forward to and celebrate the Christmas season with some consistency when the rest of the year has been anything but the norm.

I do know that if we don’t believe things will get better they have no chance to improve. If we don’t have faith that everything will be alright we lose hope.

Without hope we can become despondent and lose all hope.

The suggestion of reaching down to help another seems impossible when we are in need ourselves, but is exactly the recipe to lift our spirts.

It is counterintuitive to what we think we need. It certainly goes against everything we want. It is hard to explain unless you try it in faith.

Basically when you feel the least like giving, or feel like you don’t have anything left to give is exactly when we should stretch and give.

I have had one hundred percent success trying this principle. No one could have told me it works. I had to experiment and try it myself.

So the result is I feel better after I do something nice or serve someone else. It probably benefits me more than the service was intended to help them. It is more important we extend service to one another when we feel the least like it.

We are told to love one another. Service is an outward expression of this love.

So have faith and try the experiment. Do something nice or good for someone else when you are in need yourself. See how you feel. We can be the help others are seeking and they can help us in return.

Surely this better way of living and loving will bring us hope this Christmas season like no other.

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