Even in times of uncertainty and difficulty there are blessings. During the times we face adversity it helps to remember those good things in our lives.

They can be different for each of us. Certainly if you have ever had a serious illness, good health is a blessing. If you face loneliness and isolation, family and friends become important. If there is a war raging where you are, peace becomes the goal.

If you face despair, hope saves the day. If all seems hopeless, faith in a greeter power to save brings hope. When financial challenges abound, times of plenty are revered.

Why is it that our natural inclination is to only focus on the bad or challenge ahead of us? Doing this blinds us to the beauty of the best things in front of us.

This is supposed to be the thankful season. Don’t allow current challenges to change that. Maybe we need to make a list of the things we love best. If they are written down it will remind us of them.

As we start to make a list we may come to realize how many good things there are. By realizing those good things it will bring to mind other good things. It will bring an attitude of gratitude. It will also help us remember all the good we have, even during difficult times.

There are thirty days in November. I have made a goal to list thirty best things in my life. I challenge you to do the same. In doing so, I hope it changes your perspective and increases your hope and happiness.

Living life to the fullest, and loving each other is the best!

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