Calm in Storms

Calm in Storms

We seem to be in an era where the Constitution of the United States has not been understood. We have the right to assemble and protest, but we do not have the right to defame, deface and destroy personal property under the pretense of being within our rights. That level of expression is criminal and illegal. There seems to be a storm brewing right now about this topic.

Our Constitution does not allow us to do whatever we want, whenever we want with whoever we want when it infringes on others and their rights. What seems to occur is while someone demands their own rights, they don’t see how their own demands infringes on others rights.

We have many freedoms, but we need to extend the same protection and freedom to others. If what we want isn’t protected under the Constitution it isn’t a right that can be enforced or insisted upon. The police in our culture are there to keep the peace in these storms They uphold and enforce current laws they don’t make them.

Anger and hatred shouldn’t be the motivation but kindness and civility should be the environment we discuss diverse topics. People who are angry are prone to act out based on emotion that does not take into account how that anger can affect others and their actions.

There are methods to peacefully change laws if they are under scrutiny. The notion that current laws can be ignored just because we don’t agree with them is false. When there are injustices they can be addressed within our current legal system. To do otherwise is illegal and anarchy. Mobs are ineffective and undermine laws and peace.

We the People can calm this storm.

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  1. Well said! The lawless action makes some people even more firmly stand their ground. If you want to fight for change, you must do it respectfully and without hurting others!

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