In the uncertain times we have been experiencing there appears to be a lot of division.

I still like to think that what is dramatized and widely broadcast represents the minority and that the majority just aren’t represented

The focus we see has more to do with gain, power or authority. Where I think the greater battles are fought are the ones fighting for family and freedoms.

When we fight for a greater cause our motivations aren’t selfishly driven. Those battles are for causes that ensure freedom and protection for all and are worth fighting for.

The focus has been on the few that have only gotten more determined and radical in their approach to change. I have noticed that in many cases people have become more tolerant and kind.

Basically two distinct groups have formed causing division instead of the unity they claim to be striving for.

The side with radical strategies seem to be moving farther away from what most people would consider individuals with strong moral character. I still find that most people are kind and good and want what is equitable. They exhibit strong moral character.

So whose responsibility is it to learn strong moral character? While its predominately parents that instill this in us, its also learned by the environment and community that we find ourselves working and living in.

Ultimately we as individuals take what we have learned from our parents and the society we live in to decide what type of person we want to be. It still remains an individual choice even if we have been given all the tools to develop good moral character.

So chose what type of character you want to have, and then live and act and make decisions that support that character.

In the end it’s all up to us no matter the situation and environment we find ourselves in.

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