Luck or Choice?

March means Spring is on the way.  New refreshing beginnings and new life where things have passed through their life cycles.

March is also known as the lucky month.  I have come to realize for myself that little in my life has had to do with luck and that it has had more to do with my perseverance and hard work.

I can say I was lucky to have been able to work in the fire service, which is something I grew to love.  Ultimately though it came down to me making a conscious decision to apply to the fire service and prepare and plan for the steps to become hired.

It wasn’t luck that prepared me for it though.  I worked out and kept in shape so I was physically prepared for it.

Working out required dedication and discipline.  I still had challenges physically in the fire service, but when I did I was determined to improve or find ways to accomplish the task through hard work and dedication.  So, it wasn’t luck that I could start a chain saw, climb a ladder and cut holes in roofs.  It was training, practicing and it took determination and perseverance

close up clover depth of field environment
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My life experiences prepared me for the emotional part of working in the fire service so I’m lucky I had the experiences that prepared me, but I also had to go through the experiences for growth to prepare me emotionally for a career in the fire service.

I do still consider myself lucky that I had the experiences I had and made the choices I did that prepared me for the opportunities that I received from inspired choices, and that I stuck in there and pushed through with determination to achieve success.

I’m lucky to have realized that the way to success and achieving goals had more to do with the amount of time and effort I put forth to achieve my goals than waiting for things to just happen.  I made a conscious choice.

So I’m lucky indeed.

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