What does Love look like>

What does love look like?

Sometimes love presents as someone making you lunch, washing your clothes and taking care of you when you are sick.  Those acts of service show you that a person cares and loves you.

It’s nice to get gifts.  Flowers are pretty and candy is delicious but those types of expressions of love don’t take the same effort than doing the daily things that show love do.

I think its nice to designate a day to make sure at least once a year we celebrate people we love.  i believe it would be better though if we did a better job showing the people we care about that we love them everyday.

This doesn’t have to be hard.  It could be the daily things that help make their day go more smoothly  It starts by being more aware and present with those we love.  When we are aware we listen and watch what our loved ones care about.  Those observations lead to what they need most.

Little things like taking the trash out without being asked.  Helping out with dinner or helping to clean up afterwards are expressions of love.

Having patience in difficult situations and showing tolerance for others weakness is an expression of love.  Holding negative comments about others short comings is loving.

When you love someone you should look for ways to brighten their day.  Loving someone means you look for ways to serve them.

Loving isn’t hard, but does require some action.  The actions don’t have to be grand in nature, but more thoughtful in purpose.

people sitting beside table
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Love shouldn’t be a burden. It should become an extension in action of how you feel and thus be natural and easy.

So love should look like doing things for others with a joyful heart.

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