The Price of Success

I am thankful for life experiences that have taught me what I should spend my time on, and who I should spend my time with.  There are many different and diverse types of people, and that’s what makes us as a country so wonderful.

There are however; those types of people who try to tear others down in an attempt to  make themselves look better, and try to lower others high perceptions of someone experiencing success.  Shouldn’t we be the type of people who celebrate with others in their successes?

Just because someone else is having their day in the sun, it doesn’t mean our value is any less.  We should encourage each other not tear each other down.

Life goes through cycles, and just because someone currently is doing well, doesn’t mean they haven’t fought and worked hard to get there.  So celebrate when others have good fortune and success.

Tearing others down in an attempt to make yourself look better only reflects your own lack of depth.

So be thankful for successes, but also be thankful for the journey it took to attain success. Rarely is it just luck that brought someone to the success you might see them enjoying.  Much is due to hard work and sacrifice.  Success comes with many failures to learn how best to reach the goals we strive for.

Don’t feel envious or jealous.  Most success was hard to attain.  Instead strive to attain the same level of determination and persistence

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that someone possesses to become successful in attaining your own goals.


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