Everyone loves receiving gifts, but I think we miss the joy in giving gifts.

I think it is fun to observe others and listen to what they care about and interests them.  When we really care about someone we take the time to learn about

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what they like and find out what they care about.

I have found joy in the process of discovering what a person really cares about and then celebrating that.

Young children’s expectations and wishes are sweet and simple.  I heard one little boy say he needed new slippers, because he had outgrown his.  Children more easily can identify and see a need.

I think we sometimes are trying too hard to find the perfect gift.  The perfect gift may be our time and genuine interest in the other person.  Go to a nursing home this time of year and ask what they want most.  Usually it is for a loved one to spend more time with them or visit them.

Children are the first to notice when someone feels sad, or seems to need a friend.  So maybe we try to make our gifts too elaborate, and what we should focus on is the giving of ourselves.

We could spend more quality time with those we love.  We could be more loving and kind.  We could be a better son or daughter, husband or wife, or mother and father.  Our best gifts should be received by our own family, not by our co-workers or friends.

Patience, tolerance, and not judging others are gifts in short supply.  Be loving and kind to others and extend thoughtful gestures.  Be someone who is a joy to be around.  Only speak kind words.  Be slow to anger, and have more patience.  Respect other people and our differences.  Look for opportunities to lift another and make their burdens lighter.

Be a gift and joy to be around.  Love one another.  These are the gifts I hope to cultivate and give to others, and the type of gifts I hope to receive.


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