Fall is the time and season that temperatures change and the leaves change color.  So it is with the seasons of our life.  We should be ever changing and growing.

If you don’ know what you should be working on, start asking yourself some questions.  Am I happy?  Do I have good friends?  Do I have meaningful relationships with my family?  Could I be healthier and is there something I can do to be healthier?

I’m guessing there is something all of us can work on.

As I get older, I realize that a lot of what I thought was important when I was younger was just distracting fun.  Although pleasurable none of it changed me or changed the world.  Now I focus on what really matters, and that for me Is my family, friends and faith.

It’s a blessing that I can see that by doing my share of the work in the world earlier, that I get to focus on those things that matter to me now.  I worked then on the F of finance.  The work had to come before the blessing of being able to focus my time on those other things now.  When you are in you working years, your time is more limited to spend dong those other

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three prioritized F’s.

You may also have to work on the F’s of forgiving and forgetting.  Some things aren’t worth the time and effort if it takes away from what you have identified as the most important.

This also frees up your time to ask yourself some questions of what you want to spend you time on.  It’s never too late to learn something new and grow,  We are designed to always be striving to improve and make ourselves and the world a better place.

Make sure you do the needed work now before the last F of fate is finalized.








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