Do you feel free to do anything you want?  Should you be free to do anything you want?

As a parent I feel like I am no longer free to do what I want because I am responsible for someone else.  At the same

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time I don’t feel the loss of that freedom because it’s something I am voluntarily giving up for something more important.  I am free to make that decision.  If I didn’t choose to properly care for my children I might not be free to make decisions for them anymore though.

While there are many ways I am free to do anything I want, sometimes there are parameters to my freedom when my choices harm others and infringe upon their freedom.  It’s really a great system.

I am free to do whatever I want as long as it is within the boundaries of the law and doesn’t infringe on others freedom.

Nothing in life should be taken for granted or assumed to be free though. A price is paid somewhere. I want to thank the men and women and their families that serve in the military who ensure my rights and freedoms I enjoy in the United States are secure.

I know on a day to day basis I don’t think about how and why those privileges exist. I just think it is my right to freedom of speech, religion etc. but I only have those privileges because someone else is working hard to ensure I can maintain them.

Independence day is a good reminder that the rights and freedoms I enjoy everyday were fought for and are worth continuing to fight for and maintain.

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