The real cost of things

I can’t help but think of the sacrifice that was required to live in a free country. Of course it is deceiving to say we live in a free country, because the cost was far from free. We recently celebrated Memorial Day.
Most people went to parks and beaches and had picnics and cookouts. We are only able to be free to do those things, because many wars were fought and numerous men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to ensure we have those freedoms.
So you can see the deceptive term free country is far from free.
Many of us make comparisons of ourselves to others. I’m not sure if it’s entirely wrong to do that, since it can be a positive motivator. We may really admire certain qualities of others enough to want to emulate them. That would be using comparisons in a positive way.
There are those comparisons we make of others in a way that is not healthy or realistic. We may envy what someone else has and feel its just luck or good fortune that they have it. Them we begin to wonder why we aren’t as lucky.
It’s been my experience that things are seldom what they appear to be. I also know that when someone has a large house or a nice car they usually had to work for it. Those things except in isolated cases came with a sacrifice or cost.
Usually successful people worked hard and were determined. They went through the effort to get an education. Many going into debt to do so. Then they applied that education and worked hard to earn those things we can visibly see.
Very few things actually come free. There is a sacrifice, cost and effort involved somewhere.
Most things worth having requires much sacrifice, work and effort.
So I hope instead of just wanting someone else’s house, car or family I spend the time and effort to attain them and learn to value the real cost of things.

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