What makes someone a Mother?  Is it physically bearing a child?

I have known so many women who have mothered a child not their own better than the woman who physically bore the child.

So what makes a person motherly?  I would say truly loving unconditionally is a quality of a mother.   A mother is someone who loves you no matter what you have done or how you have acted.  A mother sacrifices self and her desires to bring happiness to her children and supply her children with what they want and need first.

A mother will go cold to give her coat to her child to ensure they are warm and comfortable.  Mothers forgo food to give to

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their children either due to time or supply and demand.  If anything nice happens to cross the path of a mother she saves it to share with her children.

Mothers find joy and fulfillment when their children succeed.  Their children’s accomplishments don’t make them competitive or feel less about themselves.

So shouldn’t we all act more like Mothers?  What if we had more of a mothers attitude about the people we worked with?  Certainly there is always a certain amount of competition between peers at work similar to siblings, but siblings also love each other.

There are many people that hurt us everyday, but if we had more of a mothers unconditional love we could be more forgiving.

We wouldn’t walk by the people who are in the most need everyday if we were in tune with a mothers heart.  We would share of our abundance with others.

We could be happy for others in their success with a mothers attitude and not see it only as something we didn’t receive.

Yes in May we celebrate Mothers, but why not learn from them and emulate their unique talents and abilities?



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