New Beginnings

Spring always make me think of new beginnings.  The flowers are blooming baby animals are born and scurrying around and there is a spirit and hope of new opportunities.

It seems to be another check point to evaluate our progress and goals.  Its a time I can assess my progress on my new years goals and recommit or redirect and tackle something new.

Some of the goals I have aren’t tangible things.  They are things like how I treat people and how I allow others to treat me.  They can be personal like being more sympathetic or caring.  It can also be while trying to be more giving, not letting others take advantage of my striving to be more giving and sympathetic.

There seem to be two groups of people that form.  Those that are givers and those that are takers.  The process works if there is an equal give and take, but gets out of balance if one just takes and the other is stuck with all the giving.

Some people are just natural givers and find joy in giving.  There is also a group that is happy just taking all the time because they gain without exerting any effort and it is easier.  That is if they can find that special someone to just give to them all the time without ever giving something in return.

Seldom does this arrangement ever work forever because the giver becomes exhausted and empty and the taker is just angry they are no longer receiving.  Thus a new cycle starts where the taker has to find a new giver until their strength is exhausted.

I find this interesting in the sense that the taker is never really happy either, because they never really work on anything themselves and become shallow and have no depth which leads to more unhappiness.

There is a simple formula that seems counter to what the taker is working so hard to receive.  If the taker would actually give something to someone else they would actually find this happiness they think they can only receive if they get someone else to do something for them.

The reality is true happiness comes in doing something for others and forgetting self.  When you do this you find the happiness you are looking for.  Doing something for someone else is also easier than spending a lot of energy trying to get someone else to do something for you that you can actually do for yourself.

So back to new beginnings.   While it sounds terrible at face value, I’m going to start doing less for people because in reality I’m not really helping them.  By my continuing to do everything for them I am creating a situation where they become helpless and more unhappy.  Now I’m not saying I’m not doing to do anything for anyone else.  I can’t stop doing that because that is the recipe for true happiness.  I’m just going to stop doing as much for those true takers.

This whole process is having an impact on our society as a whole.  No one should expect or feel entitled to someone else taking care of them and doing everything for them.  When we set up this system eventually all the givers will exhaust their strength and we will be left with only takers.

That will be problematic because then we will all be helpless and unhappy and won’t be able to figure out why.  At this point

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
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we will only be looking for someone else to blame, and of course the answer to that question will be staring at us in the mirror.

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