Are you Lucky?

Does our situation in life just depend on luck?  Certainly one could argue that we can’t pick the families we are born into, and not all are created equal.  I have watched family members from the same family react completely different from each other even though they were raised in the same environment.

The difference I noticed in them was how they chose to respond to the circumstances they were placed in.  To repeat bad situations or behavior is the easy way.  No new behaviors have to be learned.  There are those who take bad situations and learn from them and make corrections.

What makes a person decide to be different or strive to do better?  I don’t think it is luck but a conscious decision.  Conscious decisions require effort.  To make change you have to identify a change should be made and then come up with a plan of how to change.  Then you have to do the work and follow through with your plan for change to actually occur.  So, it isn’t luck but effort that makes the difference.

Have you ever heard someone say they attained something because they were just lucky?  I can guarantee you the difference between success in a career or vocation has more to do with the preparation, training and education than it does with luck, unless of course you are in the small minority of people who have jobs given to them because of who they know.

So how lucky are you?  I would bet the lucky ones are the ones who identify problems or set goals.  Then they find solutions to those problems and follow their plan to fix problems and attain those goals.

I guess some could think it’s luck that identifies problems, but it also takes a certain amount of self awareness to see the correlation between ones actions and outcomes.

Sometimes there is always a certain amount of luck that plays a part, but rarely is it the major contributor to the outcome.  I also don’t really like to call it luck, but more a realization of divine intervention that plays a role in our everyday life.

I think it’s dangerous not to give credit where credit is due.  A lot of what happens in life is connected to other people and things and the choices we make and the interactions we have with others.  Some would call these interactions coincidences, but I like to call them divine opportunities to help others which people sometimes identify and call luck.

We are lucky to be alive.  We are lucky to live in environments to make choices that effect our futures.  We are lucky we have minds that are capable of learning and growth.  We are lucky we have reasoning and deductive skills to find solutions to problems.  We are lucky to have other people cross our paths to help us in our journey.

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