Progress Report

I have found that with extra time I no longer feel the same urgency to complete tasks like I did before.  It seems others have experienced the same phenomena.  Texts aren’t immediately answered like they were before in our previous hurried world.

I still find myself trying to make good use of my time though.  So I assess how I have been spending my extra time and evaluating it to see if the activity was worthwhile.

It seems it’s still my nature to assess whether I’ve really accomplished anything.  In the beginning of all the closures I did what most people did and rested.  I watched lots of movies and lounged around.

It was a welcome break, but I still wanted to be productive.  My son had difficulties with one of the online math programs they had used in school while in session, but now due to the circumstances it had to be used exclusively.

I had the time to evaluate what his complaints were, and sure enough the program had issues.  Students had complained to teachers before, but now I got involved.   I was able to take screenshots of what the program was doing and send them to the division math chair.

Thankfully due to some parental input students were given an alternative.  Had school still been in session teachers may have just assumed it was students complaining because they didn’t want to do the work.

I felt good about making a difference, because the program was so frustrating I saw it as setting up the students for failure.  All my son was learning was how to hate math from his frustration with the program.

I was also able to help some friends with their business while they were out of state.  It helped them and it gave me something to do.  My son was able to help in the work as well.  We got out in the fresh air and learned new skills.

Being able to work and do things outside helped us feel useful, productive and not as isolated.  It seems we are always striving to get a break from work.  I found that after I got the break and the break lasted too long, I became dissatisfied with having the break.

So really I don’t think its natural to be too idle.  We were meant to learn and grow and do.  Now that I’ve accomplished these things, I’m looking for a new opportunity.  How are you doing and what are you learning?  I challenge you to do your own progress report.

You might be surprised at what you have learned and accomplished.

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