Life Lines

September is the time to learn new things.  I recently learned that when people are in crisis mode they care about little else than the emergency they are currently confronting.

When they are desperate they don’t care about anyone or anything else.  If they have an important deadline to meet that is all that is important to them.  When they need something they don’t care or even recognize someone else sacrifice while trying to help them.

They only focus on

close up photo of orange life ring with orange rope
Photo by Markus Spiske on

what they want and don’t care who gets it for them or how they get it.

It’s important to know this about someone in crisis mode because they can threaten your personal peace and security.  It’s like someone drowning.   If you don’t know the techniques to help someone drowning, when you approach them with the intent to help they may just pull you down with them.

So how do you help someone drowning in life without being pulled to your own death?

Sometimes you may have to let them pass out first.  Then when they are unconscious you can actually safely approach them.



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