What scares you?

October is full of fall colors, but it also brings Halloween and scary things.  I went through a phase when I was young where I was entertained by the suspense and anticipation of being scared.  I think it was the thrill of the impending event that was exhilarating.

Now as I have gotten older, I realize there are all kinds of scary things in everyday life.  I am not particularly entertained by these

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scary life events.  The suspense still exists as I have to work through the scary uncomfortable event.  I guess part of the difference is that I expect to be scared if watching a horror movie, but life can present many unpredictable scary events that are in no way pleasurable.

What scares me now is that all the things I have experienced and learned don’t matter.  I don’t like to waste time.  I like to feel like even if I have gone through an uncomfortable experience that I at least learned something from it, or it made me stronger or better at something.

It applies to raising children as well.  I hope they are learning things from me while they still live with me that will help them grow into responsible capable adults.  It scares me to think that all of the effort, time, and concern for their personal well being won’t affect them in a positive way.

I know after they are grown they will entirely be making their own decisions.  It scares me to think I didn’t teach them problem solving skills or values that give them the proper tools they need to make the best informed decisions.  It also scares me that they won’t utilize those skills and values they learned.

Of course like any story there has to be a climax and so we as humans make mistakes, which unfortunately seems to be the best teacher.  No parent takes joy in being able to say I told you so.  I guess my scary thought for October as I raise teenagers is that they will make decisions and not consider the consequences.  They are free to make their own decisions, but they can’t control the consequences.

We as adults should consider come of the consequences of our choices.  Some of those consequences are truly scary.

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