Courage under Fire

blaze burn burning burnt
Photo by Ghost Presenter on

It takes courage in almost every aspect of our life.  I extend a special tribute to those firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice recently in the wild fires burning on the west coast.

I know of a firefighter that is currently fighting some of the many fires of

this busy wildland fire season.  He has lost friends.  He sometimes loses confidence he will survive the daily conditions that exist in his daily work environment.

Even so he continues to fight fire.  He is responsible for other firefighters.  He keeps going back every day to increase their survival.  He faces his anxiety and fear of his current environment.

It does come with a price though.  He struggles physically from the heavy demands placed on his body due to long hours and the physical strength needed to perform the job.  He has challenges psychologically from watching his fellow firefighters die in their daily labors, while still trying to stay sharp and focused for his immediate crews.

These firefighters truly exhibit courage under fire.

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